The Zobeck Gazetteer

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This 48-page introduction to the Free City of Zobeck showcases its clockwork magic, its gearforged PC race, and many highlights of the city, such as the Kobold Ghetto. Includes a beautiful city map and other distinctive elements of the setting. As a gazetteer-size treatment of the city, it provides enough that the shared world can truly be shared, without overwhelming a DM who wants to match the city to their own homebrew setting.

The Zobeck Gazetteer includes

  • Clockwork magic
  • Gear Mages
  • The gearforged PC race
  • Pantheon and city adventure hooks
  • Secrets of the city, from NPCs to the Arcane Collegium

The foundation of the Midgard campaign setting, for any OGL or Pathfinder campaign.

Written by Wolfgang Baur