The Road to Revolution: Tides of Blood

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Tides of Blood is the third adventure of the series, written by Adam Daigle, Tim Hitchcock and Greg Oppedisano.

The calm waters of the vast sheltered harbor of the Great City's Docks Ward have long been a clarion call for sailors, merchants, whores and adventures. Here names are made, crusades are launched, and fickle fortunes are raised amidst filth and squalor. With the fights clubs shut down, many fear that the violence that was once contained shall soon spills into the streets. It is said that whomever shall control the docks of the Great City shall control the ocean of coin that laps up against its shore - and that surely is a prize worth fighting for.

This 42 pages adventure will take you through the Dock Ward of the Great City.

You can play this adventure alone or as part of the Road to Revolution campaign arc. Tides of Blood is a mid-level urban adventure appropriate for four characters of 7th - 9th level.

The module features the beautiful artwork by Eric Lofgren and Hugh Vogt. Additional material about the Great City and the Dock Ward can be found in the following titles:

Written by Greg Oppedisano / Tim Hitchcock / Adam Daigle