(Boom Bundle) The Official Munchkin Bookmark of Vermicular Violence!

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    One Munchkin bookmark and 5 random Munchkin promo cards.

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number BOOM0116
    Weight 0.01 lbs

Grab the Vermicular Violence Bookmark and five random promo cards for one penny + shipping and handling. Just enter the promo code found in Munchkin #13 from BOOM! Studios during checkout. Don't have the promo code? Visit your local comic retailer to pick up a copy of Munchkin #13!

If you are ordering more than one Boom Bundle, please follow these steps:

1. Order ONE of the Boom Bundles.

2. Enter the corresponding Promo Code.

3. In the "Comments" section, enter the additional code(s).

   (Only one of each code per order, please!)