The More Better Indispensable Character Formfolio

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Here is an indispensable PDF of forms that will grow even more useful with time.

These sheets were built with adaptability in mind while not sacrificing a compactness that makes tidy record-keeping a cinch.

A two-sheet solution for non-casters is the first thing to greet you. Also included is a single blank spell sheet that can be used for young spellcasters, multiclass characters, or on its own as a spellbook for when a GM wants to easily hand over a captured tome treasure.

All of the base spellcasting classes also have their own sheets, with room to add researched spells or new ones introduced to the campaign by the GM.

You'll also find summoning lists for Nature's Allies and Monsters. Just use the sheets you need and expand your character with additional sheets as desired.

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This is the best and easiest way to keep your character records.