The Enchanter, The Core Specialist Wizard

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Illustrators: Shawn Richter, Steven Trustrum

Ever think that tacking on specialist wizards to the wizard core class was kinda lame? Ever think that the specialists needed to be written up as their own distinct classes? Yeah, us too.

The Enchanter is the fifth offering in The Core Specialist Wizard series. Each product of the series will present a different specialist as its own core, 20-level class, with distinctive abilities. Other related materials, including feats, two prestige classes tied to the core specialist class, and a small offering of related magic items, are also included.

Within The Enchanter you'll find:

  • The enchanter core class. These specialist wizards excel at manipulation and control.
  • Rules for mundane hypnotism, using hypnosis through skill use and without magic or similar abilities.
  • The alpha warden prestige class. A master of beast and wilderness.
  • The enticer prestige class. Able to hypnotize and command with a glance or word.
  • 9 new feats with a focus on the enchanter.
  • 4 new magic items: the lover's arrow, bewitching stone, globe of trances, and thrall collar.

This product includes a landscape version for on-screen viewing and a toner-saving portrait version for printing.

NOTE: This product has been updated to correct an error. If you purchased the version missing the Master of Minds and Strengthen Charm feats and did not receive the revision email, it is because our email landed in your spam filter or your settings do not allow for email from RPGnow. If such is the case, please email us at trustrum@misfit-studios.com and we will email you the corrected copy.

Written by Steven Trustrum