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The Conjurer, The Core Specialist Wizard

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    Publisher Misfit Studios
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Illustrator: Gary Dupuis

Ever think that tacking on specialist wizards to the wizard core class was kinda lame? Ever think that the specialists needed to be written up as their own distinct classes? Yeah, us too.

The Conjurer is the first offering in The Core Specialist Wizard series. Each product of the series will present a different specialist as its own core, 20-level class, with distinctive abilities. Other related materials, including feats, two prestige classes tied to the core specialist class, and a small offering of related magic items, are also included.

Within The Conjurer you'll find:

  • The conjurer core class. These specialist wizards excel at summoning something from nothing, be it materials or creatures.
  • The arsenal mage prestige class. A mix of conjurer and fighter, the arsenal mage is never without a weapon thanks to his ability to sacrifice spell slots in order to conjure weapons, shields, and armor out of nothing.
  • The demonican prestige class. These spellcasters conjure Outsiders to trap so that they may steal their powers.
  • 7 new feats centered around specialist wizards in general, with a focus on the conjurer.
  • 2 new magic items, the summoner's egg and ring of sure travel, and a new special ability for magic weapons, summoner's bane.

This product includes a landscape version for on-screen viewing and a toner-saving portrait version for printing.

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Written by Steven Trustrum