The Black Seal #3

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There are still, depend upon it, quaint, undiscovered countries and continents of strange extent. - Arthur Machen, The Three Imposters


Alien cultures. Strange things and even stranger places. The third issue of The Black Seal embarks on a whirlwind world tour of the weird and the not-so-wonderful; offering a terrifying glimpse into the darker corners of this strange, mad planet we all live on, and the bizarre things we share it with. Prepare yourself, quite literally, for a Holiday in Hell.

Featured Articles

  • 'A Road Less Travelled: Or, The Rough Guide to Fighting Evil in a Hot Country' by Jonathan Turner
  • 'Resolution Zero: The United Nations and the Starkweather-Moore Conspiracy' by Daniel Harms, with David Conyers and Adam Crossingham
  • 'False Mythologies: A Guide to SIEA/ISAS' by Wood Ingham
  • 'A Brief Introduction to the Great Old One Cults of the British Isles' by Nick Brownlow, Adam Crossingham, and Daniel Harms, with Davide Mana
  • 'Terra Occulta: An Atlas of Strange Places' by David Conyers and Nick Brownlow, with Adam Crossingham and Daniel Harms
  • 'Contains: One Tibetan God' - a scenario by Davide Mana
  • 'The Spiralling' - a scenario by David Conyers

Regular Columns and Features

  • Tales of Terror
  • Dangerous Places
  • The Further Files of Prof. Grant Emerson
  • Unusual Suspects
  • Occupational Templates for Investigators and Agents

Written by William Jones / Nick Brownlow / Adam Crossingham / Davide Mana / Graeme Price / Jonathan Turner / Phil Ward / Daniel Harms / David Conyers / Brian Boyington / Ben Counter / Wood Ingham