The Black Seal #2

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Who watches the Watchmen? The second issue of The Black Seal delves into the secret history of the deadliest branch of Britain's security apparatus, the Paranormal Intelligence Section for Counter-Intelligence, Espionage and Sabotage - better known as PISCES. We examine the Hidden Agenda of Britain's secret chiefs and the geography of the Captive State they have laboured to create.

Issue contents:

  • PISCES: Her Majesty's Watchmen
  • A Brief Summary of known Great Old One-worshipping Cults and Independent Agents in the British Isles
  • Missing Persons...: PISCES' Magonia Facility
  • Unusual Suspects: Wilbur Bromley
  • The Avengers: Off-beat espionage in the Swinging Sixties
  • Dangerous Places: RAF Hobwood
  • Perfidious Albion: PISCES Operations in the United States
  • A Stylish Death: A Tale of Terror
  • Mind Games: A Tale of Terror
  • The Wrong Man: A Tale of Terror
  • Strange Histories: Four alternatives to PISCES for Cthulhu Now games
  • The Penhew-Carlyle Foundation
  • 13 Places of Interest in Brichester
  • An Interview with Gary Sumpter
  • The Further Files of Professor Emerson Grant: Report on Peruvian Mummy
  • Reviews
  • Investigator Templates
  • Dangerous Places: Stranger's Race

Written by Nick Brownlow / Adam Crossingham / Rik Kershaw Moore / Davide Mana / Graeme Price / Brian Sammons / Daniel Harms / Tobias Cooper / David Conyers / Andy Bennison