Thanegar's Horde

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A Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Compatible GM'S RESOURCE supplement by Andrew J. Martin

Rather incongruously named Thanegar's Horde by their embittered and crippled half-orc warlord, these goblin marauders plague country villages and wandering travellers alike. Held together by the will of their broken lord, the horde comprises the disparate remnants of several goblin tribes along with bugbear and human renegades. Claiming the ruined fortress of Shatterspear Hold, Thanegar unleashes his minions into the surrounding countryside to vent his hatred and anger upon the world while he broods upon his shattered dreams of blood, conquest and glory. Although he has all but abandoned his ambitions of empire, the threat his sizable force of organized goblins represents to the surrounding folk cannot long be ignored.

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Written by Andrew J. Martin