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The village of Swallowfeld stands hard against the turbulent waters of the Lonely Coast and the forbidding depths of a trackless, primeval forest. A hard, frontier place hemmed in by danger without and threatened by a lurking darkness within the village is in dire need of doughty protectors.

Swallowfeld presents detailed information on village life including 10 locations and twelve NPCs of note.

Swallowfeld is the perfect base for a new campaign, from which neophyte adventurers can explore the surrounding area, or can be used as a waystop on the road to adventure.


"What I really enjoy about this product is there's a wealth of information for game masters. Tons of fleshed out NPCs, a good number of hooks, a nice detailed map, handouts for players."

-Ben Gerger, RPG Now Featured Reviewer

"The formatting is concise, the editing top-notch (I didn't find a single mistake/typo) and the pdf is printer-friendly. The artwork is b/w and very nice to look at and serves to underline the old-school & old-world-feel of the supplement."


Written by Creighton Broadhurst