Superior Synergy: Modern and Future

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Have you ever wondered why, when the pre-epic class levels allow you to have as many as 23 skill ranks in a given skill, that synergy stops at 5 ranks? Yeah, us too.

Superior Synergy: Modern and Future introduces new skill synergy levels at three new benchmarks: 10, 15 and 20. Not all benefits are merely increases in a simple synergy bonus, either. Some benefits include reduced times needed to perform tasks associated or altered DC modifiers with the synergy skill.

It doesn't end there, either. Superior Synergy: Modern and Future also introduces feat synergy. Much like skill synergy, feat synergy allows two or more feats to work together for additional benefits they couldn't achieve on their own without having to take additional feats.

Don't be satisfied with poor skill and feat planning. Check out Superior Synergy: Modern and Future, the second in the Superior Synergy series, and let your characters make the most of their potential.

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Written by Steven Trustrum