Sunken Empires

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Sink a Continent - Or Survive the Cataclysm

"A great sourcebook for any Pathfinder game that's headed below the waves and seeking to explore the sunken realms, be they Azlanti ruins, aboleth cities, or something worse!"

-James Jacobs, Paizo Creative Director and co-author of Lords of Madness

Sunken Empires is a treasure trove for anyone fascinated with lost civilizations and ancient magic, from GMs who want to place the technology of lost civilizations, run astonishing undersea adventures, expand their aboleth lore - or just sink an inconvenient continent to players who want more choices for their class, their caster, and their gear.

Sunken Empires supports aboleth-centric, Atlantean, and similar adventures with technology and lore for any civilization, lost or otherwise, and creatures from the Underdeep.

It's time to go beneath the surface.

  • Introduction by the creator of the aboleths, D&D designer David "Zeb" Cook.
  • How to Sink an Empire: worldbuilding cataclysms
  • Weapons and technology of lost empires, from lightning spears to mind paste.
  • New PC races and classes, including the surprising net fighter and oceanic bloodlines
  • Spells and magic of the sea, including new domains
  • New creatures, including coral drakes, drowned maidens, and goblin sharks
  • DM tools and adventure hooks
  • Complete Ecology of the Aboleth

Written by Brandon Hodge and Open Design patrons, with frequent review, playtest and feedback to maximize playability. 80 pages.

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Written by Brandon Hodge