Starmada Admiral Edition: Romulan Armada

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Uncloak and Strike from the Shadows!

Starmada comes to Star Fleet: Now players of the Star Fleet Universe have another option for a simple, fast-moving fleet action fame, able to handle the largest battles in a single evening.

Star Fleet comes to Starmada: At last, players of the Starmada game system can experience the most popular universe ever created.

Rules for cloaking devices, phasers, photon torpedoes, and plasma torpedoes.

Over 40 starships and bases including:

  • Federation: Bismarck-class battlecruiser, strike cruiser, plasma-armed dreadnought, war destroyer, battle frigate, new heavy cruiser, new command cruiser, new fast cruiser, and new light cruiser
  • General units used by all empires: armed cutter, armed priority transport, heavy freighter, and mobile bases with different weapon configurations
  • Gorn: battlecruiser, fast battlecruiser, heavy battlecruiser, command cruiser, light cruiser, medium cruiser, strike cruiser, destroyer, battle destroyer, heavy destroyer, and dreadnought
  • Romulan: Battle Hawk destroyer, Condor dreadnought, FastHawk and FireHawk heavy cruisers, King Eagle cruiser, NovaHawk and RoyalHawk command cruisers, SkyHawk destroyer, Snipe frigate, Sparrowhawk light cruiser, and War Eagle cruiser
  • Ships built by the Klingons and sold to the Romulans: K5R destroyer, K9R dreadnought, KR cruiser, KRC command cruiser

This book is complete and ready to play, but the Starmada Admiralty Edition Core Rulebook will add many more play options.