Squarescape Launch Set W23!

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Squarescape is based on the 5-foot square, beloved by the OSR movement and, of course, by fans of the original Dungeons & Dragons. Each incised square is one inch (25mm) and walls are 2 inches high. A standard Squarescape piece is a 2-inch square with built-in walls, compatible with the most popular (and expensive) molded terrain sets.

The squares use hidden H-locks to connect pieces. These can be glued to create your own permanent dungeon scenes, or left unglued to keep everything in place on the table yet allow easy reconfiguration as the party moves along.

This square-patterned set has 16 2-inch dungeon squares of 8 different kinds (plus 45 connectors), which can be recombined into some gosh-awful different number of dungeon levels. *And the STL files to go with them, of course.

We have worked out three different 4 x 4 levels using these pieces, and one 3 x 5, just for variety. Even if you never use the STL files, this set gives you a lot of adventure value for your money.

Your Squarescape Launch Set includes physical pieces AND the STL files for you to print more! The physical pieces include unpainted, unpunched dungeon pieces, plus 45 connectors.

NOTE: All physical parts ship unpainted. Miniatures not included.

Consider this a "gamma test." We have tested these on a variety of machines, we've built layouts; we've played real games with them. Now we will sell a limited number of sets of terrain along with STLs, and we look forward to your feedback. Shipping will begin the first week of May.

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*Please note that you may print as many STL files as you wish, as long as they are just for you. Please do not sell them to your friends!