Spells & Magic

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This is more than just a book of spells and magical items. New prestige classes focusing on new thoughts of magic also fill the book. And like all Bastion Press products, it's designed to be used with any d20 campaign world.

Spells & Magic represents a unique combination of spells, prestige classes, magic items, and schools of magical thought that are an excellent addition to any fantasy campaign setting. From the blood mage who fuels his spells with his own life force, to dragon mages that build their treasure troves, to spellsingers and everything in between, Spells & Magic has something to add to any spellcasting class.

  • 20 New Feats
  • 10 New Prestige Classes [Blood Mage, Dragon Mage (of which there are three types), Faerier, Reflecting Master, Jewel Mage, Soul Gem Guardian, Rune Mage, Shadetouched, Spellsinger, Totem Mage]
  • 124 New Spells (and they're not all just for wizards and sorcerers; a number of cool bard, paladin, druid, and ranger spells await other casters)
  • Strange Brews (10 brews that show the effects of placing 4th-level and higher effects into potions, along with rules to make more brews)
  • 40 New Magic Items, weapon qualities, armor qualities, and other cool tidbits.

The digital release of the book also includes all known errata, plus an index. Two version are included (one with borders and one without) for easy printing.

Written by Sam Witt / Joe Crow / Lee Hammock