Song of Blades and Heroes Miniature Rules

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Recruit your fantasy warriors and fight!

Song of Blades and Heroes is a fast-play, skirmish-level fantasy miniature system for two or more players. The rules are simple, fast, and above all, fun. Nominated for the Best Miniature Rules award at Origins 2008.

  • Easy: simple and easy-to-understand rules that you learn in just one game;
  • Easy Measuring:no counting inches or centimeters. SBH uses three measuring sticks to measure all distances and ranges;
  • Fast:A game lasts 30-45 minutes. Play a mini campaign in a single evening;
  • Inexpensive:5-10 models per player are needed;
  • Convenient:the game needs little space - a 60x60cm play area is enough. Bring all your armies in a shoe box!
  • Multi-Scale:play with any single-based fantasy miniature, in any scale;
  • Hex-Friendly:play on hexgrids if you prefer;
  • No Weird Dice: SBH uses standard six-sided dice only;
  • Ready to Play: stats for 180+ monsters and heroes are included, and you can create your own!
  • No Book-Keeping: SBH is an action-point system that requires no book-keeping and always keeps players on their toes;
  • High Solo Playability: the SBH mechanics work well in solo play;
  • Campaign: with campaign rules, your warband grows more powerful after every battle;

Six basic scenarios included.

Written by Andrea Sfiligoi