$layers: The Dead of Night

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$layers: The Dead of Night delves into a world where bloodsucking undead are humanity's deadliest, most-secret enemy. Mankind fights back with organized, heroic Hunters as the tip of the spear (or, more accurately, stake). But there are also the $layers, men and women who kill the undead for money. They don't care how bad things are so long as your check clears.

Within this PDF you will find:

  • The secret history of vampires
  • Game stats and abilities for Basic Vampires (a.k.a. "squids"), Master Vampires, and … more?
  • Vampire and Hunter/$layer tactics explained
  • An example of a detailed $layers franchise using the rules presented in Super-Powered Organizations, a Savage Worlds sourcebook also by Misfit Studios
  • A wealth of new Hindrances and Edges
  • 4 Archetypes to help you jump right into the game: Investigator, Squadie, Religious Advisor, and Team Leader
  • Lots of New Gear, including Armor, Weapons and Accessories, Drones, and Vehicles
  • A number of Story Seeds to help get your game up and running right away
  • Plus a surprise or two.

Both a color and black-and-white, print-friendly version are provided.

This game references the Savage Worlds game system. Savage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.

This product is compatible with material found in the Horror Companion

Written by Gerry Saracco