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Skirmish! is a quick-to-learn, easy-to-set up game of combat that can played using almost any miniature figures to simulate small-scale battles. It is intended for both veteran and novice players and is simple enough to be a beginner's first wargame and versatile and expandable enough to satisfy more experienced gamers - especially those who want to pull some of their old toy soldiers out of a footlocker or the closet and use them in a game.

Skirmish! is designed for simplicity and playability. All that is needed to play Skirmish! are some miniature figures, a ruler or tape measure, and three standard, 6-sided dice.

The basic rules can be read, a handful of soldiers selected, and a game set up in about 20 minutes, and in much less time than that for players already familiar with the rules. There are no cumbersome charts or combat matrices, no supporting paperwork needed to keep track of a game in play, and a minimum of simple tables. Most attacks can be completely resolved with a single roll of the dice and anything beyond the basic rules is optional.

This book is part of a thematic series of works on miniatures wargaming published by Skirmisher that includes the H.G. Wells books Little Wars and Floor Games, the company's spinoff Little Orc Wars rules, and the Quactica miniatures rules.

This download includes two versions of Skirmish!, one with graphics that is designed to look like the other books in the series of which it is part, and the other with just the text of the rules.

Written by Michael J. Varhola