GURPS Planet Krishna

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Under Three Moons

Play out thrilling adventures from science fiction's Golden Age in the Viagens Interplanetarias setting of L. Sprague de Camp's stories set on the planet Krishna!

The natives are all too human - except for the green skin, the feathery antennae, the eggs . . . "Protected" from technology by interstellar law, armored knights clash in a wilderness of blue woods while square-rigged war galleys patrol the inland seas. It will take a quick sword and quicker wits if a visitor is to survive:

  • Tailed beast-men of the Koloft Swamp!
  • Ferocious six-legged yekis!
  • The dread pirates of a floating island!
  • Sacrificial rites within an ancient tower!
  • Tentacled sea-monsters!
  • Barbarian hordes sweeping out of the desert!
  • Buxom green-skinned princesses and eccentric kings!

Discover space adventure the way it ought to be.

With an introduction by L. Sprague De Camp himself!

GURPS Basic Set is required to use this book in a GURPS campaign. Compendium I: Character Creation, while not necessary, will also prove useful.

Written by James Cambias.

First Edition, First Printing
Published August 1997