Six Guns: The James-Younger Gang

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Because we know any Judge might suddenly need a full cylinder of personalities to enliven his Wild West roleplayin', the Dog House Gang offers Six-Guns - a series of FREE products with interestin' cowpokes ready to load into your game. Six of 'em, to be exact.

Each FREE installment of Six-Guns will feature six character descriptions with statistic blocks for Sidewinder: Recoiled. Sometimes, these gunmen will have a bindin' theme; other times they might be a hodge-podge collection of cowpokes ready for action. And these personalities could be called into action at any time, as the Dog House Gang develops other supplements.

So draw quick, pardner, and claim these Six-Guns for your very own. There ain't nothin' to lose; these Branded for Recoiled supplements are FREE for the takin'.

Six Guns: The James-Younger Gang

We reckon the most famous gang of the Old West deserved top billin' in the first Six-Guns installment. So we loaded up six of the gang's most interestin' outlaws to help spice up your Wild West roleplayin' - includin' Jesse James, Frank James and Cole Younger.

Written by Bradley W. Hindman / Christopher S. Warner