Savaged Buckshots: For Whom the Bugle Blows

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Lookin' for a lead-slingin', arrows-a-flyin' adventure for your Savaged Wild West campaign? Don't have time to write it yourself? Well, don't fret none, this Savaged Buckshots adventure will do the trick.

For Whom the Bugle Blows is a 36 page adventure, intended for 4-8 characters of Seasoned to Veteran rank, set in the plains of North Central Texas.

Picture this:

While makin' their way across the Texas plains, our intrepid heroes turn up traces of Comanche war parties. Hardly a happy finding, but durned intriguing. What's more, they also hit upon hints of the U.S. Cavalry in the vicinity. 'Pears as if the Cavalry and the Comanche are playin' a game of cat and mouse-and the heroes have wandered into a powerfully volatile situation.

Now, the Dog House Gang always strives for flexibility, so For Whom the Bugle Blows is designed to allow the Judge to set this adventure anywhere his or her pointy-head desires. Iffin' the Texas plains ain't right for your game, we offer the trusty DHR "Forks in the Road" to help you blaze a different trail, includin' ways to change the scope of the adventure, adapt it to fit with ornery PCs, or expand it with follow-up scenarios.

For Whom the Bugle Blows contains:

  • A four-part Prelude and four full-scale adventure Scenes.
  • An Adventure Synopsis to get the GM (we like the title Judge) saddled up real quick-like.
  • Six major Personalities and some additional scattergun-fodder extras.
  • A new Edge used by one of the NPC wildcards.
  • A trusty DHR "Forks in the Road" section with ideas for scalin' the adventure to handle different numbers of characters at various ranks.
  • Two full-color maps in a separate PDF, with black and white maps embedded in the adventure text.
  • NPC character sheets and ready-to-use combat blocks designed for Savage Worlds to help the Judge move them gunfights along.

Written by Christopher S. Warner