Rune: Last Hero in Scandinavia

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A d20/Rune Dual-System Resource

Something's Rotten in Scandinavia.

Your chieftain's treacherous brother has struck down your valorous leader, ghosts roam the land, and dark forces are gathering. Do you:

A. Stand around wearing black, worrying about your life in a series of whiny soliloquies?

B. Grab your axe and wreak bloody vengeance on the forces of darkness!

If you correctly answered "B," then Last Hero in Scandinavia is for you! This action-packed campaign contains rules for both the d20 System and the Rune roleplaying game. It features ferocious goblins, dangerous steam tech weapons, and a plot that could destroy the entire Viking civilization. That's not all, though. Inside you'll find:

  • Competitive scoring rules so you can play d20 to win
  • Fast and furious mass combat rules for both Rune and d20
  • New monsters like the undead bone tree, and rules for creating Rune boss monsters
  • Saga rules for single-GM Rune campaigns
  • 20+ hours of non-stop bonecrunching action!

So grab your axe, Viking warrior!

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.

Written by Chris Aylott.