Rune: Enter the Viking

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Thirteen Earth Shattering Encounters

Wendols and Goblins and Franks, Oh My!

In the world of Rune, mighty-thewed warriors must prove themselves worthy of the favor of the gods by showing their prowess in battle. If they fail, their corpses will stand as a warning to the next brash heroes to seek their power. Fortunately, you are Vikings, and Vikings laugh in the face of death!

Enter the Viking includes ten cushion encounters and one plot encounter sequence, featuring:

  • Settings in the Underground, Scandinavia, Svartalfheim, and the Foreign Land of the Franks, all ready for runners to pick up and play.
  • Devious dwarven traps and mechanical monstrosities.
  • New foes to challenge your pillagers: vicious giant crows, scavenging blood newts, a bloodthirsty demonic menace, thorn wolves made of poisonous briars, the wooden behemoth craftwerk, vile death frogs, the vicious loup-garou, and even the long-awaited great wyrm.
  • A longship-load of Viking mayhem!

Requires the use of the Rune RPG core rulebook.

Written by Chris Aylott, Rolfe Bergström, Dave Blewer, Tom Janulewicz, Michelle A. Brown Nephew, Philip Reed, Scott Reeves.