Road Rage, Mini-Game #112

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Chad gunned the car and thumbed the trigger, the machine guns mounted on the hood of his beat up car throwing hot lead across the highway. He was close to winning this duel, all he needed to do was put down that scum bag Wilma an he would be crowned champion.

As the bullets from his twin machine guns scared the back plating of Wilma's car, he watched in horror as a panel open up on the back of her car, small limpet mines falling out like a swarm of cockroaches. "Damn", he cried as he tried to swerve out of the mines field, but then his tires hit the first mine and he knew he had lost this duel, his car flipping over and over across the blacktop of the highway.

This is Road Rage another great Mini-Game from Avalon Games. Take your chances on the abandoned highways of a future America, a country falling into anarchy and desperation. The highways now are home to roving bands of biker raider, and the brave, some say, foolish road warriors and their hoped up battle cars. Can you survive the battles on the blacktops, will your skills behind the wheel be enough to win the day, or will your foe blow you and your car into small little smoking bits of wreckage.

Written by Robert Hemminger