Prototype: Nemesis

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An expert in observation and training techniques, a Nemesis is both teacher and student. He is always on the lookout for a new technique to add to his repertoire. His ability to instantly learn and duplicate the fighting abilities of his opponents makes this character a deadly and unpredictable combatant. However, what makes a Nemesis most dangerous is his ability to boost the capabilities of his minions while he stays safely in the shadows.

Most Nemesis begin their careers in spy services and special military units. Others are self-taught criminals and hired guns. They all make their living by training the foot soldiers of crime bosses, dictators, and madmen. While a Nemesis is fully capable of doing the dirty work themselves, they are more comfortable allowing their henchmen and trainees handle less demanding tasks. Generally a Nemesis will hold back and save his strength for the most challenging opponents and the most daunting missions.

This 6-page PDF is just the sort of thing needed for GMs to add depth to any great d20 Espionage campaign world, including Haven: Full Metal Zero.

Written by David Caffee. Fans of Marvel Comics' characters Taskmaster and Echo will love to use this class. Included with this new advanced class is the following all new feats:

  • Copycat: You can observe and imitate the skills of others.
  • Drill Instructor: You are practiced at military training techniques.
  • Strength of Will: You can draw upon your determination and mental toughness to aid in physical activities.
  • War of Wills: Your mind keeps fighting long past the point that your body gives out.

Written by David Caffee