Pozas Art Pack: Fantasy vol. 1 - Heroes

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Perhaps best known for his work on Fiery Dragon Productions' Counter Collections, Claudio Pozas has created a wealth of visual treasures for tabletop gaming. And now Pozas Art Packs make quality art a click away! Whether you're a publisher looking for good art to round out your product, or a player looking for great handouts to spice up your game, check out Fantasy vol. 1 - Heroes.

The pack contains 5 images (.jpeg, 600dpi) of heroic figures including:

  • Male human in full plate armor, with sword and heavy shield (intense countenance);
  • Male Dwarf in banded mail armor, holding a hefty greataxe and a small holy symbol (lots of attitude);
  • Male Elf in studded leather armor, charging while wielding twin kukris (very cinematic);
  • Female human in gown, with a bit of chainmail showing underneath (very fey-like classic fantasy);
  • Male rhee (new race! think "upright rhesus monkey") holding a quarterstaff in a martial arts pose.

You may reduce, color, or crop this image. The artist's signature must be within the final, published image. You may not resell this image. If you use this image in your product you must include the statement:

Some artwork copyright Claudio Pozas, used with permission.

Written by Claudio Pozas