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Plague. Few words in any language conjure such feelings of dread and fear as this doom-laden word. Plague has the power to devastate an entire civilization, causing unimaginable suffering as it lays waste to the smallest village and the greatest city alike. As well as an almost unparalleled destructive force, plague can also be an agent of change, allowing a GM to usher in a new age into his campaign.

Plague is oozing with information enabling a GM to unleash a plague into his campaign either as the subject of a single adventure or as the sickening focus of an entire campaign:

  • Discusses how plague begins, how it ravages villages, towns or even entire continents, and what it leaves behind.Presents five savage diseases, four templates, four monsters and The Mottled Lord, God of Disease.
  • Details a host of new locations, NPCs, rituals, magic items, and more!
  • Whether a GM is preparing for a new edition or simply desires making wholesale (and drastic) changes to his campaign, Plague has all the tools to craft many sessions of memorable gaming.

    Written by Creighton Broadhurst