Pieces of Eight: The Maiden's Vengeance

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  • Contents
    16 metal coins, velvet game pouch, rules

    Publisher Atlas Games
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    UPC / ISBN 1589780906
    Player Count 2+ players
    Play Time 10-30 minutes
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Adventure and glory await you in Pieces of Eight, the rousing combat game of rival buccaneer ships on the high seas. You play the game with a stack of metal pirate coins held in one hand that represents your ship. The coins you choose and the order in which you place them determine your ship's strengths, and you use the special abilities of your coins to destroy your opponent's coins one by one. Your goal is to expose the Captain coin buried deep in the middle of your adversary's ship, then take him out!

Dare to enter the age of blood and gold with either The Cursed Blade or The Maiden's Vengeance ship set. Each set includes all the coins needed for one player to construct his own ship. Your opponents will each need their own ship set to play, but there's no other limit to the number of players who can join in. The coins in each set are not randomized; you can combine ship sets to gain a wider selection of coins and the advantage over your foes.

2+ players (each with own set)
10 to 30 minutes
ages 10 and up