Paper Miniatures: Western Counter Set

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    Publisher Arion Games
    Stock Number ART001
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The American Wild West is one of the most evocative RPG settings, and indeed the Western paper miniatures by Arion Games are one of our most popular sets. Now, based on those sets, we bring you a Western Counter Set, specially designed for ease of use with most virtual tabletop software. The high quality png images in this set provide quality and quantity (nearly 50 characters and nearly 150 individual images!), enabling you to represent your game online.

These full-color counters contain a 'resting' pose, an action pose, and a portrait for each character. In addition, some are also supplied as mounted characters. All images are 256dpi png images and bring an extra level of realism to the virtual gaming table.

47 counters 144 images

In this set:

  • 1x Bandit
  • 1x Barman
  • 1x Bounty Hunter
  • 1x Cavalryman
  • 8x Cowboys
  • 1x Cowgirl
  • 2x Gunslingers
  • 2x Female Gunslingers
  • 1x Half-Caste
  • 1x Lady
  • 1x Mexican
  • 3x Mountain Men
  • 1x Preacher
  • 1x Railroad Baron
  • 1x Saloon Gal
  • 1x Sheriff
  • 1x Slave
  • 1x Soldier
  • 1x Whore
  • 9x Native American Braves
  • 2x Native American Chiefs
  • 1x Native American Medicine Man
  • 3x Native American Women
  • 1x Chuck Wagon
  • 1x Stagecoach

Written by Graham Bottley