Paper Miniatures: Grey Aliens Set

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    Publisher Arion Games
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Whether it is a 1950's game with flying saucers landing at outdoor movie theatres, modern games with quirky investigators probing government conspiracies or even scifi games where one of the races has improbably large heads, there is always room for the Grey Aliens.

Large heads, black eyes and shiny space suits make these aliens special in almost any game!

The full colour miniatures are supplied in two formats and can be assembled as flat, A-frame or triagonal miniatures depending on personal choice. The images are all high-quality computer generated figures and bring an extra level of realism to the gaming table.

This set is also offered as an optional Powerpoint file version, to allow the easy creation of custom sheets.

In this set:

  • 15x Grey Aliens

3 page pdf (2 pages of figures)