Paper Miniatures: Dungeon Bash Core Set

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    Publisher Arion Games
    Stock Number ARG072
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Arion Games is proud to announce we have teamed up with The Other Game Company (TOGC) to support their fantastic Dungeon Bash game!

Providing every hero and monster represented in the core Dungeon Bash game in fantastic 3D, this set of 56 figures includes 21 designed especially for this set (the rest are taken from existing Arion Games fantasy sets). Supplied as a powerpoint version, these figures can be arranged as required to print whatever collection of heroes, monsters and NPCs are required.

The full color miniatures are supplied in two formats and can be assembled as flat, A-frame, or triagonal miniatures depending on personal choice. The images are all high-quality computer generated figures and bring an extra level of realism to the gaming table.

IMPORTANT: This set is only provided as a Powerpoint version, due to the nature of the game, and the need for easy creation of custom pages.

In this set:

  • 1x Goblin
  • 1x Goblin Rogue
  • 1x Kobold
  • 1x Kobold Sorcerer #
  • 1x Orc
  • 1x Orc Barbarian
  • 1x Orc Cleric
  • 1x Hobgoblin
  • 1x Hobgoblin Fighter
  • 1x Bugbear
  • 1x Gnoll
  • 1x Gnoll Ranger #
  • 1x Grimlock #
  • 1x Skeleton
  • 1x Zombie #
  • 1x Prisoner #
  • 1x Merchant
  • 1x NPC Fighter
  • 1x NPC Rogue
  • 1x NPC Cleric
  • 1x NPC Wizard
  • 1x Eremite
  • 1x Ghost #
  • 1x Injured Adventurer #
  • 1x Injured Visitor #
  • 1x Mercenary
  • 1x Dark Elf Warrior
  • 1x Ghoul
  • 1x Gargoyle #
  • 1x Princess #
  • 1x Evil Wizardess
  • 1x Evil Fighter
  • 1x Master Thief
  • 1x Evil Priest
  • 1x Boar #
  • 1x Dire Boar #
  • 1x Troll
  • 1x Minotaur
  • 1x Ogre
  • 1x Ettercap #
  • 1x Grick
  • 1x Gelatinous Cube #
  • 1x Dire Badger #
  • 1x Cockatrice #
  • 1x Basilisk #
  • 1x Wolf
  • 1x Dire Wolf #
  • 1x Dire Rat #
  • 2x PC Wizards (Male & Female)
  • 2x PC Fighters (Male & Female)
  • 2x PC Rogues (Male & Female)
  • 2x PC Clerics (Male & Female) #

The figures marked with a # above have been created for this set.

Written by Graham Bottley