Over the Edge: Airwaves

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Woman's Shocking Discovery:
"Aliens are controlling my hubby through TV!"

Airwaves chronicles the arrival of a new television station on Al Amarja. Want to star in your own TV show? Here's your chance! Airwaves is an open-ended scenario that may involve player characters in innumerable ways.

A new television station is planning to broadcast live programs to the Edge, but not everybody is happy about their plans.

Woman's Shocking Discovery:
"Aliens Are Controlling My Hubby Through TV!"

Need revenge on somebody? Now there's someone willing to help you - for a price.

A Living Computer is Tampering With Our Databases!

Take a Walk on the Ramble
Some new shops offer goods that you might not find anywhere else, but only if you know what to ask for.

In these pages you'll find new ideas, a flexible structure, and tips on how to incorporate Airwaves into your Over the Edge game.

Expect the unexpected when you come to Al Amarja.

Written by Rembert N. Parker.

Written by Rembert Parker