One Thousand and One Science Fiction Weapons

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One thousand and one weapons for the taking!

From the Dawn of Time, human beings have searched for new and interesting things to bash one another with. In the spirit of this bold and noble endeavor, we present you with one thousand and one new implements of mayhem, for all your science-fiction violence needs.

A thousand and one new ways to zap, bash, blast, hack, crush, rend, fry, frazzle, melt, mangle and mutate your foes! that's the most fun you can have for less than twelve bucks!

More than four hundred pages long, with more than two hundred illustrations, this giant-sized sourcebook contains detailed stats and background information on every conceivable science fiction weapon, from tiny living organic blades to disintegration rifles to the huge guns you might see mounted on a starship. Compatible with 3.0, 3.5, Modern and Future, these weapons aren't designed for any specific setting or campaign and can easily be dropped into any science fiction scenario. There's even a special "Mad-Science" section chock full of items for campy space fantasy and steampunk campaigns.

The future is a marvelous time to hurt people. How can we be of service?

Written by James Thomson