On the Edge: The Cut-Ups Project Booster POP

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  • Contents
    60 ten-card booster packs

    Publisher Atlas Games
    Stock Number AG2521
    Weight 2.5 lbs
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A Paranoid's Paradise

On the Edge is the trading card game of surreal conspiracies. Two or more players adopt the roles of arch-conspirators, vying to dominate the strange Mediterranean island of Al Amarja. Cards in each player's deck represent the resources and inhabitants of the island that may be at their disposal - from contacts in the art scene to strange alien technologies. Cards may be common, uncommon, or rare, and are numbered for collecting.

Control Addicts beware! The On The Edge collectible trading card game is about to be invaded by The Cut-Ups Project - 90 new cards that turn Al Amarja's conspiratorial scene on its ear. Talking dogs, sinister coffee and raining walrus are just part of the madness. Break away from the duped and narcotized masses and embrace the Chaos!

You need a copy of the On the Edge rules (contained in any On the Edge Starter Deck) to play the game with these cards.

Designed by Robin D. Laws.