Off the Wall Armies: Semi-Colonial Hareab

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    1 unpackaged Hareab

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An individual Hareab. This model is not currently included in a boxed set.

Semi-Colonials were developed for a small association of millionaires to fight mock battles from the British colonial period. The Arps were enthusiastic about the idea (they were designed to be) and enjoyed the mock battles. But rivalry between the races was contained on the battlefield; they tended to be good friends and neighbors the rest of the time.

The Hareabs form several different "tribes", some of which do battle with the Brittanys, though mostly their opponents are the French Ferret Legion.

Off The Wall Armies is a new collection of old figures, improbable and hilarious. Sculpted in 28mm scale, each set features anthropomorphic animal figures - sometimes known as "furries" - with weapons and gear from different historical periods. They're great as the foundation of a "furry" campaign, as high-tech bioroids, or just as weird new encounters for adventurers from any time or place.

Since the disappearance of their former masters, Semi-Colonial groups have spread to hold individual territories. Together, they hold a large territory they defend as a group. They have festivals every year where they fight mock battles, drink lots of beer, and reminisce about the "good old days" (the Victorian Colonial period, of course).

The Semi-Colonials are drawn from a variety of species. The Hareabs are based on the Jack rabbit, with a culture from Composite North African Cultures.

This is a single unpackaged, unpainted metal miniature in 28mm scale. It is shipped in a ziplock bag, along with any other miniatures ordered.

Sculpted by Richard Kerr