Odyssey Prime: Southern Discomfort

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Some drunken South Carolina teenagers claim to have seen the Loch Ness Monster while out boating in the Charleston Harbor near Fort Sumter. Normally Project Odyssey ignores such crazy assertions, but a Coast Guard informant confirmed something big and "odd" is indeed swimming about the harbor. Since a gate mishap caused the last known dinosaur, Nessie, in fact, to appear, the Project's leaders want this claim investigated. If the creature does exist, Dam Con is to capture and contain it, leaving no evidence for the curious to question.

Southern Discomfort is a beginning-level Odyssey Prime Modern d20/Unisystem (tm) adventure written by Christina Stiles for both Dam Con and Odyssey Teams. The adventure includes possible tie-ins with Goodman Games' Broncosaurus Rex, proving that most games/game worlds are compatible with Odyssey Prime.

Written by Christina Stiles