NPC Files: Rungie Rampholean

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Welcome to NPC Files, your one-stop resource for dynamic non-player characters in a fantasy 3.5 game. Each title in NPC Files details one character from 1st level to 20th level, giving game masters ultimate utility.

NPC Files are unique at their very conception. They begin with a story, tracing the character's background, personality, and appearance at low level (level 2-5), mid-level (level 8-12) and high level (level 15-19) with their complementary stat blocks. Then their stat blocks are laid out 1st through 20th level, followed by familiars, mounts, and animal companions, as well as new magical items or spells (when appropriate).

We're proud to introduce you to Rungie Rampholean: The Master of Traps. His gnomish youth was spent looking for trouble of the mechanical variety, but his inquisitive nature blooms in the light of arcane knowledge. And they say halflings have all the fun!

Find out more about Rungie Rampholean in this 19-page PDF, and try out the free NPC File Jaycee Cussan: Death's Shadow!

Written by Suzi Yee / Joseph Browning / Nicholas Olivo