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Take up your axe, and raise the dragon's head on the longship's prow!

Brave the frozen lands of the savage north, where honor is more common than steel, where trolls and giants battle the gods, and a hero lives by strength of arm and reckless courage. Northlands provides their magic, treasures, and culture in rich detail!

  • 12 new monsters based on Finnish, Inuit, and Viking legends of the north.
  • Rune and grudge magic offer all-new spells, magic items, and incantations.
  • New Haunts and Hazards to turn every encounter into a nail-biter.
  • New gear from skis to alchemy, for PCs or villains.
  • Feats, regional traits, and class features for any cleric, barbarian, oracle, sorcerer, and more! Teamwork feats and roleplaying elements make the Northerner come alive!
  • Sites to pillage or save, including the clan-based Trollheim, the giant lands of Thule, and the lost world of Hyperborea at the northern pole!

This sourcebook is easily portable to any setting. Written for the Pathfinder RPG.

Written by Dan Voyce