Northern Crown: Gazetteer

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Welcome to Northern Crown ... a colonial New World where the history, myth, and legends of North America intertwine with the high adventure, magic, and monsters of fantasy roleplaying

Shiver at the call of the wendigo as you traverse the frozen wastelands in search of the legendary Northwest Passage. Encounter those common folk who work wonders such as hexes or firebugs, or even wield the dreaded evil eye. Aim a silver bullet at the heart of an elegant vampire beneath the Dueling Oak at Nouvelle Orleans. Take to the field of battle, where dragoons and musketeers clash amid the roar of cannon and shot, carrying the banner of liberty against the forces of tyranny ...

Northern Crown is a d20 System campaign world set in North America's legendary past, in an age of frontier adventure, political intrigue, and supernatural horror. Inspired by history and infused with myth, it is a place where heroes fight for freedom, chart a vast wilderness, and battle unknown evils.

Explore the setting with the Gazetteer, which delves deep into the lands of Northern Crown with descriptions of the places, people, monsters, natural hazards, magic items, and inventions that will flesh out your campaign. From intrigue and rumors, to information on secret societies, the Gazetteer takes you into the heart of Northern Crown. Then look for Northern Crown: New World Adventures and Nyambe: African Adventures to expand the horizons of your game world even further!

Written by Douglas Anderson.

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook.

Written by Douglas Anderson