None So Vile: Disciples of Darkness III - Tortured Savant

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Oh, the suffering. The sweet suffering . . .

The third installment of None So Vile - Disciples of Darkness delves into the twisted world of the Tortured Savant, a ten level prestige class focused on plumbing the depths of pain and suffering. A master of torture and self-mutilation, the tortured savant excels at sharing his pain in the most gruesome and excruciating ways. This fiendish villain can call upon an array of agony-inducing abilities that can leave even the most battle-hardened barbarian weeping like a little girl.

So hit your players where it hurts with the nerve-scraping evil of the tortured savant.

None So Vile - Disciples of Darkness III - Tortured Savant is intended for mature audiences and features the following:

  • A fully detailed write-up of the tortured savant prestige class, including information religious practices, motivations, minions, and more!
  • A full stat block and write-up of the iconic tortured savant NPC, the sadistic annis hag, Yushalka.
  • A detailed write-up on Ixeth, the gruesome deity of physical suffering.
  • A new clerical domain.
  • 3 new and thoroughly repulsive spells.
  • Gut-wrenching art throughout by Erik Nowak.
  • Guaranteed 100% vile content!

Written by Aeryn Rudel