Munchkin #13

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    28-page comic

    Publisher Boom! Studios
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Issue #13 celebrates one year of the Munchkin comic book from Boom! The story "Of Dire Rats and Men" puts Flower in charge of training a young adventurer. Wait, Flower is responsible for molding an impressionable young mind? This sounds bad. Can Flower overcome her charge's well-adjusted social skills and get him looting like a proper munchkin? Or will she just give up and bash his head in? In the second story, "Lampooned," Flower is back to doing what she does best: turning the party against itself. But the stakes are high: the loot is better than gold, it's wishes! Look in the back pages of the issue for special coupon codes and a bonus Munchkin rule! 

Cover Illustrated by Mike Luckas.

Mike Luckas also joined up with Steve Jackson Games for the Munchkin Legends Guest Artist EditionAvailable now at Target.

This issue contains a coupon code for Munchkin merchandise at WeLoveFine.com  and a special rule on the back cover for Munchkin games!  

The Promotional Bookmark code has expired for this issue.  
You can still redeem the promotional codes for other issues of the Munchkin line of Boom Comics.