Munchkin Dungeon Side Quest

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    60+ cards, 10 miniatures, 30, tokens, and more!

    Publisher CMON
    Stock Number MKD002
    UPC / ISBN 889696010445
    Player Count 2-5 players
    Play Time 60-90 minutes
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Side Quest is an expansion for the Munchkin Dungeon board game, for all adventurers willing to stray from the main path. Seek out new challenges, more Fame, and new ways to improve your character as you delve through the Dungeon and kick open some doors!

Four new Heroes join the fun, together with now Loot, Threats, and six new Roaming Monsters to defeat! Fifteen different Side Quests await those brave enough to complete them, each giving a new Level as reward, making Heroes stronger, more powerful and, most importantly, more famous!

Let them know who is the greatest side-quester in the Dungeon!