Munchkin: Deck the Dungeons #01

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    48-page comic.

    Publisher Boom! Studios
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    UPC / ISBN 9781681596488
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Get Into the Holiday Spirit(s) with the Munchkin comic Deck the Dungeons #1!

Spyke and Flower decide to go dungeon delving on Christmas because the monsters are all too distracted to put up a fight. But things are not what they seem . . . Who is that shadowy figure following them through the dungeon? Why does Spyke hate Christmas? And what's in that eggnog, anyway?

The comic is 32 full-color pages of Munchkin fun. Each one comes with an exclusive holiday-themed Munchkin card, and can be easily rolled up to slip into a stocking or fight off aggressive carolers.

If you want proof of how cool this issue is before you spend your hard-earned cash, check out this review from Big Comic

And remember: Always listen to the talking door knocker.

Cover Illustrated by Ian McGinty.

Mike Luckas also joined up with Steve Jackson Games for the Munchkin Legends Guest Artist EditionAvailable now at Target.