Munchkin Collectible Card Game Introductory Set

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  • Contents
    112 cards
    3 core set boosters
    1 Desolation of Blarg booster
    2 level counters
    2 Run Away markers
    40 tokens
    Quick-Start Guide
    1 die

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG4510
    UPC / ISBN 080742099999
    Weight 1.75 lbs
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Bluff, cheat, and bludgeon to your heart's content! The Munchkin Collectible Card Game Introductory Set has everything you and a friend need to play as any of the six Heroes in this game, and it's a great starting point for players of all levels. Pick the Heroes you want to pit against each other, create your decks, and customize them using the included randomized boosters – all right out of the box!