Munchkin Card Sleeves Bundle

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    4 packages of Munchkin Doors & Treasures Card Sleeves (60 sleeves each - 240 total), 1 package of Munchkin Dungeon Card Sleeves (50 sleeves) - Total 290 Sleeves and 3 custom cards

    Publisher Steve Jackson Games
    Stock Number SJG3926
    Weight 1.05 lbs
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You've probably heard mention of our Munchkin Card Sleeves Promotion. For every four packages of Munchkin Doors and Treasures Card Sleeves and one package of Munchkin Dungeon Card Sleeves you purchase from your participating friendly local game store, you will receive three exclusive Munchkin cards.

For those who do not live near one of the participating stores, there are two other options! First, if you have had the chance to purchase these sleeves, you can cut off the headers from those sleeves and send them to us to receive the promo cards by return mail. Click here for more information! 

Or -

You can purchase all the Munchkin card sleeves you've been dreaming about right here.  They are neatly wrapped up in this handy bundle, and you'll automatically get three specially-designed sleeve-themed promo cards thrown in for free! No pesky cutting off headers or licking stamps required! Each bundle includes: four packages of Munchkin Doors and Treasures Card Sleeves, one package of Munchkin Dungeon Card Sleeves, and three unique Munchkin cards.