More Blasphemous Secrets and More Forbidden Lore

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99 new OGL spells, for all your fiendish occult needs!

We have strange enchantments, unsavory mystic formulae and more sinister rites than you'll know what do with! Call weird forces down on lonely hilltops at midnight, intone lost incantations the world is glad to have forgotten! Stun, amaze and horrify your friends!

More than just another collection of combat spells, this book broadens and enriches the techniques available to spellcasting characters, increasing the DM's options without unbalancing the game. Or so the author assures us. He also told us that he needed to take our favorite sock puppet up to the top of Goat-Foot Hill on the equinox, and we haven't seen it since.

While this is the second book in the series (check out the first one here), you won't need any of the others to make use of this book's contents. All the nasty secret rituals and arcane strangeness in here stand on their own (although, come to think of it, you should run out and buy all the others right now, anyway).

So step right up and cut yourself a big steaming slice of Blasphemous Secrets and Forbidden Lore. What have you got to lose but your soul (and perhaps six bucks)?

Written by James Thomson