More Bad Guys

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Don't you wish you had more villainy in your life? Well then you've come to the right place. This handy compendium of evil contains forty-five supervillains and more than ninety adventure outlines, ready to serve all your needs for crime.

From snarling street trash to cackling Cosmic Evil, we have every kind of villain you could possibly want and more! Five complete teams, scads of independent villains --enough fiends, freaks, megalomaniacs and mutations to keep your players busy for years to come.

We've included a standard Portrait format version, a Landscape format version (for easy viewing on a monitor) and a printer-friendly version; so whether you like your evil straight-up, sideways or no-frills, we have what you crave.

It's time to seize the plunger of villainy and unblock the stubborn clog called justice!

Written by James Thomson