Monster Bash Set 2, Mini-Game #41

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The Frank crushed the skull of the ghoul with an easy grip of his massive hand. Still as one died, five more appeared and rushed the mighty monster. With a howl of delight they began to rip at the Frank's flesh with chipped teeth and dirty claws. One ghoul the Frank could handle, but five was a bit too much. With a mighty crash the ghouls brought the huge monster down to his knees, each feeding on his flesh as he screamed in rage.

This is Monster Bash, a game from Avalon Games. Take on the role of a savage monster from classic horror tales, build gangs of these monsters and battle your foes as each tires to take control of the city's dark, horror filled underworld. Gangs of monster confront each other in deadly brawls as each tries to devour the fear filled humans that flee through the night.

Monster Bash is a fully expandable system, with each set offering two new types of monstrous gang, new Battle Tiles to fight upon, and new, exciting special abilities and rules. So gather a few friends, sit down, and have a ghoulish night filled with monstrous fun.

This second set covers the monstrous gangs of the franks and ghouls. Everything you need to play is included and when combined with other sets, you can create a horror filled game of nightmarish fun.

Written by Robert Hemminger