Mind Divine

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Weighing in at 98 pages of content, The Mind Divine is a new sourcebook focused on the concept of godminds, psionic entities wielding power on the magnitude of deities.

Within the pages of The Mind Divine can be found:

  • Over 25 new feats, including 10 new Mantra feats and 7 new Epic feats.
  • Over 40 new psionic powers.
  • Over 20 new psionic items, including new cursed items and a new minor psionic artifact.
  • 6 new psionic organizations, including one that ties into the Enlightenment from Untapped Potential: New Horizons in Psionics.
  • 2 organizational specialty classes, the Kreh Warrior and the Student of Still Water.
  • 12 new psionic godminds, including their power level, their psionic nodes, an overview of their philosophy, history, and demeanor, and the doctrine that those who follow are expected to adhere.
  • 5 types of psionic locations, including sentient areas.
  • 8 prestige classes, including a modified Spirituel from Hyperconscious: Explorations in Psionics.
  • 10 new psionic creatures, 22 if you include the subtypes of Mentats and Phrenic Guardians.

Written by Jeremy Smith