Metacreator and System Reference Document 3.5 Template (Bundle), v.3.8.6

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Now Metacreator supports the v.3.5 edition of the popular RPG (Roleplaying Game) under the Open Game License, as described in the System Reference Document published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Create characters and NPCs, generate encounters and treasure for your campaign quickly and easily with Metacreator. Includes standard, advanced (prestige), psionic, expanded psionic, epic, NPC and modern and modern arcana character classes with optional multiclass advancement. Includes standard character races as well as over 500 monster races. Includes over 500 magic items, and fantasy and modern skills and feats. Computes all combat bonuses, skill adjustments, etc due to magic items, feats and special abilities. Starting packages and automatic advancement allow fast NPC generation.

Metacreator includes Name Generator and Die Roller for d4, d8, d20, percentile dice or any non-standard value, with sound effects. Guide your wizard, sorcerer or other spell-casting character to construct magic items, including automatic calculation of construction time, XP cost and gp cost. This character generator is easily customized to add your own classes, races, feats, skills, etc. Download the Metacreator 3rd Edition template for free if you purchase the SRD 3.5 template.

All of the Metacreator customizable capability is included in this bundle.

System Requirements: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP; 64MB RAM; 15MB free disk space; 200MHz+ CPU; 800x600 screen.

Written by Bruce Kvam